Finally, spring has sprung! Spring to me signifies the beginning of IPA season and when breweries start to come out with their versions of IPAs.

This week I was lucky enough to finally cross a beer off of my beer bucket list; thanks to a my good friend Rob who made the pilgrimage to this awesome brewery! I was really excited to try this because of all the well deserved hype and the feeling of passion I got from our listeners, friends, and the breweries social media and website.

This beer is what the co-owner Nate Lanier says “He Bleeds” and has a stated goal for his brewery “is to make the best beer in the world and serve it as freshly and ideally as possible”.

So let’s talk about Julius from Tree House Brewery out in Monson, MA.

First things first the can I got was 2 days old, so this was as fresh as fresh could get! I poured this amazingly aromatic beer into a tulip and thought I was pouring a glass of mango juice into this glass by its deep orange color and hazy appearance. My nose was instantly hit with notes of mango, a sweet bread malt, peaches, and various other citrus.

Tree House make this into a candle please!!  

This beer not only smells amazing the taste is even better. The only phrase I can use is a ‘melange of citrus and mangos’ mixed with a piney after taste. One of the most well rounded IPAs I’ve ever had a IPA that most people would enjoy.

In closing this beer is in a league of its own. It is almost how scary how drinkable this beer is. I can’t wait to take my own trip out and get a growler as well. Thanks Rob for the grab I really appreciate it.