Summer Hoptimism
New England spring is upon us, which means it’s time to put away the stouts and porters, look forward to beaches, cookouts, and sunshine, and break out the IPAs. Even if love IPAS all year-round, there’s still plenty to be excited about this summer. But with a plethora of different styles, flavors, colors, and brands to pick from, it can get a bit overwhelming. At Smuttynose, however, the search for the perfect IPA is easier, since we truly have an IPA for everyone.
Finestkind IPA – 6.9%
If you’re having trouble finding a place to start, check out Finestkind IPA. Finestkind was introduced is 2004 as Smuttynose’s first IPA, and one of the first in New England. One taste and you’ll see why it’s had such an influence on the local IPA craze. It’s great for IPA lovers or budding hop heads alike, and with an IBU of 73.5, it does not disappoint. The best part is that Finestkind is available in cans, bottles or on tap all year-round.
Rhye IPA – 7.0%
Rhye IPA, our rye-spiced IPA, started in our Big Beer series, and people couldn’t enough of it. We made it a seasonal, and people still couldn’t get enough it. Naturally, there was only one place to go with it: add it to our year-round line-up. Using a ratio of 70% barley with 30% rye creates a bitter, spicy and peppery flavor with an overall IBU of 84. This is beer is sure to bring more than just hops to the glass, and is available in bottles and on tap year-round.
Summer IPA—5.0%
What started as an experimental beer quickly became the Holy Grail of IPAs: a sessionable, crushable IPA that packs all the bite and punch of classic IPAs. The aroma is complex, hoppy, and perfectly balanced by hints of citrus and tropical fruits. Summer IPA offers subtle malt sweetness on either side of the hops profile, and closes with a crisp, hoppy finish. Summer IPA will be available in cans, bottles, and on draft beginning in mid-May.
Smuttlabs Creations:
Smuttlabs, our innovation and R&D brewery, also offers a whole host of brewery-exclusive IPAs, and are available in the Beer Vault program, which offers bars and restaurants the chance to purchase brewery-exclusive beers.
Hatchling IPA Series
The Hatchling series is all about brewing full-flavored IPAs that don’t put you on your ass right away. Hatchling #1 is currently available on tap at Smuttynose’s Hayseed restaurant, in the tasting room, and at select bars and restaurants throughout the Seacoast and New England. Production and quantities are limited, but Hatchling #2 and #3 will be available later this summer exclusively at Smuttynose Brewing Co. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more info on each release.
Double IPA Series
Double IPA (DIPA) is another Smuttlabs creation that’s sure to make its way into your hop-loving heart. Like the Hatchling series, our DIPA program is a brewery-exclusive that lets us let our beards and hair down to really get creative with our IPAs. DIPA # 2, a malty, hoppy Imperial IPA, is currently available at Hayseed Restaurant, with more batches set for release at the brewery later this summer.

Written in conjunction with Smuttynose.