When I first saw this beer, I thought East Coast Common was a new style of beer. I then looked closer and saw that it was a lager. I figured heck, why not. Didn’t realize it was a 7.5% lager. Well I’m in for a hell of a ride with this 6 pack. Golden in color, not dark at all. Very hoppy in taste that lingers in the back of your throat.

Upon a little reasearch, I came to find out that this was Smuttynose’s answer to the California common style beer. Totally can see the resemblance. East coast is the best coast!

I was looking for a nice summer beer from Smuttynose, I did not pick the right one. Its still a great beer, but maybe not the best when it’s 90 degrees out. Its still a great drinkable beer in a nice cold A/C’d room.

Now I just finished the 3rd beer and 7.5% can getcha. I’m watching a stand-up special and I don’t know if it’s funny or the beers are making it not funny, but it’s not that funny so far 30 min in.

After the6th beer, the stand up finally gets kinda funny on the last 20 min. I would not suggest the stand up, or drinking 6 of these beers in 100 min. After the 4th one, gets too hoppy in your mouth unless you like that and gets a bit heavy to drink.

If I had chosen this in the fall, I would absolutely love this East coast is the best coast lager.