Back at it again with the beer review dude. This time is a 6 pack of one of my favorite beers, Berkshire Brewing Company’s Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale. It’s a awesome summer beer, and summer is finally here, so I have to talk about my favorite.

At an easy 5.2%, Steel Rail is light in color and in flavor. The first beer is much to easy to drink fast. You can barely taste the hops. Makes sense why it’s a great summer beer. The beer comes in a can which, makes it easy to bring to the beach, poolside, or just in a cooler on your back porch. With that being said, numero 2 and 3 disappeared right from my fridge.

While drinking 3 though it kind of hit me, Or could be the lack of food in my belly. Yup definitely lack of food. #4 is great still, but try to eat while drinking folks. It’s getting easier to drink though. Refreshing as it goes down I’m this warm summer night.
Five and six were just a bit tougher, might be because of the lack of food and the tipsy-ness I’m feeling. Still a drinkable beer in the summer. I’m sure with being at a cookout, and eating the proper amount of food, this beer will be the steel rail train you need to get through from the afternoon till the wee hours of the morning.