Cookouts are everywhere this weekend. The 4th of July is the best time to drink beer outside. Brew free or die IPA by 21st Amendment Brewery is the most freedom sounding beer I could find. It’s 7% but you aren’t drinking hops. Has a hint of chocolate, or what I’m thinking is a chocolate taste. Couldn’t tell you the color of it cause who drinks from a glass during a cookout?

As I wait for the hot dogs to be done, I do question myself for drinking a 6 pack of 7% IPAs in 90 degree heat. The 2nd one still tastes the same, no more chocolate notes. Really not happy with drinking these in this heat. Don’t get me wrong, love the beer, just not smart to drink 6 of them. What is smart is eating 6 hot dogs.

Three beers in, and I’m glad I’m eating, these are creeping up on me. Surprised I’m not sweating them out yet. Thankfully it’s cooling down now. Beers are getting easier because I’m not dying from heat stroke!

Still don’t recommend doing this 6 pack on a hot summer day. The last of the beers, #5 and 6, still goes down the same as number 1.

This weekend we celebrate America and what we can do in America. I just want to thank our forefathers for throwing the biggest party while signing the Declaration of Independence, so we can drink the tasty beer we can drink!