Matt here! I am the co-host of Brew Roots! I have a huge passion for beer and the people who make it. When I’m not enjoying beer I can be found woodworking and working as an Engineer.  I feel like I live in one of the hotbed areas of the country for beer and I’m excited to discover all the beers with you. To me nothing is better than a fresh stout or porter.



I’m Ally, but my friends call me Ally. I am also a co-host of Brew Roots
and a novice craft beer drinker. When I am not tasting new brews (brown ales, please!), I am typically working as a teacher for students with visual impairments or being involved with some type of schooling. I can also be found singing to myself in the car and drumming. As with Matt, I’m always taking recommendations for new beers to try. Let me know your favorites!